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     Welcome to The Last Automat Press, publishers of fine literary and academic chapbooks.  We are actively considering manuscripts from both established and emerging authors.  We are especially interested in, but not limited to, poetry, memoir, and flash fiction collections.

     In addition to providing a venue for work that we believe in, we are dedicated to helping our authors find the widest audience for their work.  For submission guidelines please click on our “How to Submit” link.  For questions please contact us at

     Now, in response to a commonly asked question, a bit about our name.  Automats were popular restaurants for most of the twentieth century.  The first opened in Philadelphia in 1902 and the last closed in New York City in 1991.  At the height of their popularity there were eighty-four of the cafeteria style establishments where hungry consumers put their coins in little vending slots and removed their food from behind the windowed doors.  The food was not fancy, but it was tasty, satisfying, accessible to all, and left people with a desire to return frequently.  We like to think that our books are kind of like that.

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    Chapbooks have a long honorable history. They are a time honored way for authors to break into print and, from academic and literary standpoints, are well respected. The earliest chapbooks likely date back to Europe in the 16th century and were sold by travelling peddlers, often of shady repute. These slim volumes of poetry and other literary forms took their name from those peddlers, who were known as chapmen. They were inexpensive to produce and brought entertainment and information to the masses for whom “regular” books were not affordable. Over the years the popularity of the books has been cyclical, but they remain a popular creative outlet for writers to this day. Among authors and independent presses, the chapbook, often offering a collection of writings focused on unifying theme, represents a true creative collaboration.